In A Bind

Entry #4
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Got a hint of another binder/album I didn't know existed.
It was released for the 1994 Performance Years Quality Card Company (better known as P.Y.Q.C.C.) Mustang Cards. Don't know anymore about it. Please share if you do.
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Entry #3
Another 'folder', this Sticker Album consisted of  48 full-color pages to hold all 180 stickers from 1994 Auto 2000 set by Baio.  It was available in a factory set (sticker-cards and album) or sold seperately.
Entry #2
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Not a hard-cover binder like most sets have, this paper-back folder  for the Best Of British cards requires you tape or glue the cards in to it.  Or, I also thought one might use something similar to the plastic adhesive hinges used by stamp collectors.  Either way, seems a shame to damage the cards just to display them in the album, especially when they come in 5 uncut sheets of 6 cards each.  There just has to be a better way to keep them.

Entry #1
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Looking through some old material to research some card sets, I came across an original ad for the 1991 Dream Machines set by Lime Rock and noticed something I never had before.  Right there it was in small print: Officially Licensed Binder (with pocket and sleeves) - $10.00.   I  never had seen one of them and even searching the web for any info on them left me not knowing anymore than what I've just shared with you.  Fortunately, a rececent search led me to exactly what I had missed for so nearly 20 years.
But the mystery is not just for the Dream Machines binder.  Flipping through my 1992 Rapid Transit System set by GNM Sportscards, I also notice on the insert 'order form' card that a binder exists for them, too.  What up with that?  How did I miss these and how many more have I missed?

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One I didn't miss was the binder for the 1993 Pony Car Performance set that GNM did.  It's a navy-blue binder with white lettering.

So really, how many of the sets you see on Cardboard Highway have officially licensed binders/albums?  How many of each were made and what are the binders/albums worth.  And why does no publication list them?
I will attempt to find out the answers to all those questions and post it here on Cardboard Highway.  Plus, I will show you pictures of the binders/albums I find so that you will know exactly what to look for when you go searching.