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Sets currently in the Cardboard Highway Database
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 America On The Road + (COMING SOON)
American Dream Machines +
Antique Autos (Signal Oil)
Antique Autos (Topps)
Antique Cars +
Autos of 1977 +
Auto 2000 +
Barrett Jackson Showcase +
bENT +
Best Of British +
Bigfoot +
Blacktop + (COMING SOON)
Cadillac Collection, The +
Cardo Automobiles +
Cars of the World +
Cars of the World - Barratt +
Chip Foose (WD-40) +
Chevy Set +
Chevy Truck Legends
Cho-Cho Ice Cream Sports Cars
Classic Monster Trucks +
Corvette Heritage Collection +
Crazy Cars, Micky Maus +
Crazy Cars, Wonder Bread +
Dodge Challenger 2009 +
Dream Cars 100 +
Dream Cars - 2nd Edition +
Dream Machines +
Dream Machines Update +
Dwarf Car Cruisers +
Exotic Dreams +
Famous Hot Rods +
Fantazy Cards *
Fine Custom Rides +
General Motors + (COMING SOON)
Great American Race +
Great Cars of the World +
Hot Cars Flash Cards +
Hot Rods by Boyd +
Hot Rods and Hot Bods *
IRL Viper Pace Car +
Jello Famous Cars
Kar Kards +
Kustom Kars I +
Kustom Kars II +
Manifolds On Main Series 1 +
Mini Cooper Mini Collection +
Mini Mavericks +
Mother's Cookies
Muscle Cards Series I +
Muscle Cards Series II +
Musclecars +
Mustang Cards I +
Mustang Cards II (30 Years) +
Mustang Car and Driver 30th Anniv. +
Mustang (Ford Motorsport) +
NAIAS Dodge Chrysler SRT
NAIAS Jeep Rescue
Neilson's Automobiles (V60-1)
Neilson's Automobiles (V60-2)
Philadelphia National Chicle Insert
Player's Cigarettes
Pony Car Performance +
Quaker Oats
Rapid Transit System +
Road Warriors Past and Present +
Skinner's Raisin Bran
Sports Cars
Surf City Garage
T37 Turkey Red Automobile Series
Topps 'Hot Rods'
Topps Top Gear Turbo Attax +
Truckin' +
Vette Set +
World on Wheels

+ Sets in bloggers personal collection
* Deemed 'inappropriate' for purposes of this blog.