Chip Foose

This Chip Foose Collectible Card Series began showing up at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores in November 2011.  The 24-card series is packaged in 4-card packs on select cans of WD-40 decorated with Foose Designs and only available for a limited time.  Card fronts display Foose designs, while the card backs have Chip's Tips for using WD-40.
  1  Foose Original Impression
  3   Foose Original Stallion Coupe
  4   Foose Original Coolair
  5   Foose Original F-100
  6   Foose Original Grandmaster
  7   Foose Original Hemisfear
  8   1932 Muroc Roadster (Magnitude)
  9   Foose Original Terracuda
11   2009 For Flex
12   2002 Ford Speedbird
13   Foose Original Lil Coupe
14   1964 Ford Starliner
15   1968 Pontiac Firebird
16   Foose Original Bugatti
19   1968 Dodge Charger
20   Foose Original Shockwave
21   1929 Ford Roadster
22   1933 Ford Roadster
23   Concept Mustang
24   1971 Dodge Challenger


  1. That's awesome. I never heard about these. There is little out there in terms of where the companies that made most car trading cards went and the owners seem to have disappeared.

  2. True, Andrew. The ones I've listed above are the only ones I've ever been able to find. It's my understanding they release a second series also. Never seen any of those. Wrote WD-40 on facebook and was told they would let me know where I could get all the cards. That's been at least a year and never heard anything.

  3. Just added 4 more of the cards to my collection, giving me 12 of the 24. It's been just a little over 3 years and I only have half of the set. One of the toughest to get I've ever had. Lates cards added are numbers 14,15,22, & 23.

  4. 4 more added to my collection this week: 3, 6, 11, & 16. Still never seen any evidence of a that second series either.

  5. Hopefully you'll have a complete set in a few days :)

  6. Thanks Ken. I got 4 I needed. Every pack had the same 4. I'm just wondering how long it's gonna take me to complete this set. The latest additions are: Foose Original F-100, Foose Original Terracuda, 2002 Ford Speedbird, and 1972 Dodge Challenger. If anyone has the other 4 I need, I have extras to trade for them.